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Hi, and welcome to the M5TXJ/G8TXJ website, always under modification I'm afraid, but please have a look around. I'm not much of a web designer so don't expect anything too fancy. I hope you'll bear with me as work and other commitments will no doubt delay updates! A more secure guestbook script has been added, any comments on the site positive or negative are really appreciated.

Regards Dave.

My latest TrxAVRB "ComboSTAR" news and info here.
Insanity reigns, another Combo build is on the cards...

I've just received a C2 Combo board from Glenn VK3PE

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Member of the Eden Valley Radio Society

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September 2010 Radcom article follow up.

Updated 08/05/2013

Getting a few aerials up at last!

Outside the M.A.R.L. headquarters in Attard on our recent trip to 9H (Malta).


To celebrate my being licensed 30 years, seven of the local amateur community went to Indiagate in Penrith for a curry. Our curry nights are becoming legendary! Left to right; Martin G4FUI, Chris M0JKQ, Trevor 2E0TXG, Mark G0MDV, yours truly, Seamus G7ITT and Simon M5TNT


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I was a member of the Royal Observer Corps (22Grp 56 Post), the ROCBF are there to help all ex Observers and their families in times of hardship. If you were an Observer too, please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.
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