My Second ComboSTaR build.


Like others before me I've decided one STaR is not enough!

22nd November 2011, and the postman has just delivered my Combo C board. Glenn VK3PE has further modified his wonderful Combo PICaSTaR board to now include the TrxAVR controller, the RTC module and the I2C interface. I can't explain why but I just had to have one!
December 2011, component gathering has now started with several of the major components now either ordered or already arrived. This build will not progress as fast as the first but I'll update this page as things come together.

Seamus G7ITT is also building a Combo C, and we have been joined by Tony G4LFU who is starting on the learning curve with a Combo B.

January 2012, DSP LED flashes, one step nearer...

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A few hours work and the components "in stock" have been fitted. New Years Eve 2011 and a few more components have been added to the board. Close up of the IF section of the Combo C2.